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Four by four:

an essay in the art of swordplay
by Viscount Ambrose, KSCA
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Last Wednesday we held our usual Adiantum practice. I went to watch, but sat out, since my knees were hurting. I watched Ragnar sucker an opponent to step right into a vacated space and get smacked good, and started thinking about shield bearers and footwork. (Yes, I did point out the technique to the victim, after their bouts were done.)
Adiantum had a heavy practice on Saturday and we had a good turnout. I showed and fought, this time with my buckler and later with shield. The good news is, the shoulder did remarkably well: I think it’s nearly healed. The bad news...well, not bad actually, since it’s perfectly predictable, but the shoulder is weak. Yes, the muscles I’ve been resting, so that they’d heal, well, they are not doing their job. As a result of that and also of some pretty poor form in my hip motion and such, I was a weak old man for most of my fights.
So, it’ll be back to the weights and to using the shoulder correctly while I’m at work, and to thinking about/slow working my shield form. I think I will stay on the greatsword work, but try to recover my ‘real’ style as well.
Additionally, I think when I get to the next expansion of *Four by Four: an Essay in the Art of Swordplay* I will write a little about the differing sorts of footwork allowed/required by the various combinations of weapons that the player and his opponent are running.
On a related note, those fighters at Adiantum practice have been getting way better while I was slacking off. I don’t recall telling you folks to improve at that pace, but WTB. Go you.
-Viscount Ambrose, KSCA
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For the convenience of those who haven't seen it yet, I posted the whole essay again.
For those who have, the new stuff is in the second section.

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