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Well. That was a long day deep, deep in the Word Mines. I typed ~3000 words into SALTARAE II and finished the first draft of Chapter Ten, Woo Hoo! I can see it now: as soon as I finish the re-run of the first book in that series, I can post the first Chapter of the sequel. I may even have twelve (or more) out of 20 chapters written by then.

I ought to have a title before I start that serial. I'm leaning towards "SALTAROS: Light and Shadow" since this sequel gets more into Mr R's head, and highlights some failures on his part. The story arc is darker, as well; there are still moments of happiness and light, but Ambros has a hard row and it'll get more difficult before his saga is all written.

I got some stuff into "A Separate Reality" as well: also kinda dark stuff, though in a happier version of the USA than ours.

I'd like to have another day like that tomorrow. Days like today make me happy.

For fans of the Eleni/Sarayi series, who knows? At least as I get closer to finishing these serials, I also get closer to the moment when I can concentrate my attention on "SARAYI: a Story of Ambition". (I do seem to have a hard time working on that one if I'm at all distracted. Maybe that's because it takes a lot more energy to travel back in time...) IDK.

Gotta go. See ya!


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