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I. Saráyi is two.

Eleni stood over the supine form of the assailant. She had a bloody short sword in her hand, and a furious expression on her face. Dawn’s first light filtered wanly through the drapes across the windows in the west wall of the room.

“You!” she said in Serbian: “Are you Milutin’s man, or is there another faction at play?”

“Give yourself...” The man coughed, grasping his guts where they spilled from his abdomen: “Give yourself an enema with that steel, demon. You’ll get nothing from me.” He coughed again, and blood poured from his mouth. It pooled on the floor, still hot and smelling of iron.

Sarayi sat in the bed, the blankets wrapped around her knees. Her eyes were wide and she stared in horror at the man. His head tipped backwards and more blood and phlegm drooled from his open mouth. His eyes rolled back and he expired, his body shaking and twitching.

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Dec. 5th, 2014 03:20 pm
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Got about 3500 words into the two books I am working on, over the last two days. This means that the voices in my head are talking, which is better than when they are not.
There are no self-imposed 'deadlines' on my back right now. I finished two books in 2014. The next two, one from each series, can dawdle along at their (my) leisure.
Past experience, limited though it is, suggests that at some point one or the other of the current projects (SARAYI; plus the sequel to SALTARAE) will take over, push the other aside, and demand all of my attention. If you are waiting for one or the other, I confess that I have no clue which will be finished first.
Tonight is Sam Bond's night in Eugene. If you're coming, I'll see ya there!


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