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I am working (once again) on “MEDUSA: a Tale Of Vengeance”.

Possibly, I should have taken a longer break after the nightmare of format-foo that SALTARAE turned into at the end. But, I found myself with the energy so I re-wrote parts of the Prologue, and a bit near the end…and wrote the actual ending of the story, to my satisfaction.

Okay, some background: I started this book shortly after publishing my first novel (LEONTARI: a Polemic Romance) in early August of 2010. I thought it was Book Two of my Alternate History series set in the 13th Century of the Christian Hypothesis.

AS it turned out, I was wrong. One of the major characters in MEDUSA is a 15-year-old named Selos, son of Xenos and Marisi. About halfway through the book I began to wonder: “Given that he survived the sack of his hometown when he was eight and he’s the son of two high-achievers, and that ‘kids’ in the Commonwealth are way mature by our standards due to their superior upbringing…even given all of that, this guy is a badass. How’d he get that way?”

One day I wrote an outline. Then I was working on “VIASMAE: an Intrigue” which is ACTUALLY Book Two in that series. For a while I worked on both books, but that got harder and harder to do, and I put MEDUSA ‘on the back burner and finished VIASMAE. That book I published in early 2013, final edition in May of that year. Whew.

I went back to work on MEDUSA, and by January of 2014 I was feeling pretty good about it: maybe 90% finished.

HOWever: Shortly after the second book went live, Chris Watts asked an innocent question: “What would people from that Timeline be like in a time parallel to ours?” It implied a question about what would such a culture be like after 800+ years without Church or State. How much faster would they have advanced technologically? (A lot faster, as it turned out.)

So thoughts about that were swirling around in my brain when Erika Milo said something about how hard it would be to write a description of the Oregon Country Fair, especially at night, that wouldn’t seem utterly unbelievable. Then I remembered talking to Marleda Jones about how if aliens or time travelers *were* using the Fair as a crossing point, no one would ever notice. Which meant that all that mixed together in the salad spinner of my mind, and out popped the idea for SALTARAE: an Adventure Across Timelines.

It turned out that I had to write that (and serialize it) and then publish it, before I could finish MEDUSA.

NOW, however, I AM gonna finish it, and before I write even ONE WORD of the Sequel to SALTARAE!

So there.

Now I’m gonna post this, and then go to Sam Bond’s Garage for some booze. I hope to see you all there: every damn one of you!

Gotta go. See ya!
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I was at Sam Bond's Garage Friday night. (That's the pub of choice for yours truly and a group of my mundane friends.) Tony S., a friend and sometime customer, is a teacher in the 4J district. He teaches at a school which is sorta the "last chance" high school for 'at risk' teens. He told me that he eats with the kids because he gets a free lunch that way. Probably enjoys the task as well, but that's what he said. He also said that one of the kids ("one of my favorite students," he said) was in the lunchroom reading my book. Tony said: "He was really digging the whole social system thing, where you'd do stuff cuz it was what you did. Really liked the idea."

Just doing my part to corrup...wake up the youth of America.

Seriously, my books not intended as YA stuff. OTOH, if teens like the stories, and their parents don't object to the themes and subtexts, then WTB.
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I have some mundane friends, Paul and Julie. They have two children, Leni, ~15, August, 12. Leni read my first novel, 'LEONTARI: a Polemic Romance'. Apparently she really liked it. Then she started in on the final book in the 'Eragon' series.
"I couldn't finish it!" she said.
"Why not?" I asked.
"I kept thinking: 'These battle scenes suck!' Your book was much better!"
Nice to get a good review.


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