Oct. 16th, 2016 11:52 am
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Haven't been in this space for a while, it's all dusty. Lemme clean up a bit.

Okay, catching up: The writing life.

I had, for a while, four fiction projects going. My experience of this, so far, is that it's great for a while, and then either I drop them one by one and go back to working on one at a time, or I just grind to a halt.

Just before last Westercon, I ground to a halt.

I was in Portland for Geek Craft, where Marian was selling her jewelry, and had a day to myself in Travis' living room, so I edited and published a book of short stories. I already had the stories; I wanted something new for the upcoming con; and the book is short, cheap, and I can give away copies if I feel the need.


At Westercon I found a postcard saying that TOR books would be accepting un-agented novella-length manuscripts sometime in the near future. I thought about all of my projects, and none of them seemed right...then I thought: "The first story in 'Small Mercies' is a 10,000 word piece, I could write three more chapters about the same #s and have a useable manuscript for that moment of submission...if I get it done in time, if I like it when it's done, etc.

So I set all other work aside (except for 'jotting notes' into other docs when ideas occur to me) and got to work. It's taking longer than I expected (no shit?) since this story involves a ton of research. Really? Like, I needed a good, really specific timeline of the events leading up to the beginning of WWII in Greece, so as to insert my characters into an accurate version of those events. Everything from a detailed look at the League of Nations to "What the bleep is a Bersiglieri?"

I am almost done...about 6-8000 words to go, and the end is written. Not, I am sorry to say, a happy ending, but that was already established by the way Clementine and Eleanor appeared at the end of SALTARAE.

I remind myself that I have a lot of words already written into the other projects, When I get back to them I am not starting from scratch.

It's possible that two or even three novels could all be born in close proximity, if the writing ogres are kind to me.

Anyway, that's the writing thing. Back down the rabbit hole and into the word mines, soon.

Gotta go. See ya.


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