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So..."SALTAROS: Shadows and Light" is nearly all posted; only the Epilogue remains. That will lead readers directly into the third and final book in the series. No title for that one yet. What is to be done? In partial order, since #10 is ongoing, and short stories happen when they will:

1. Re-read SALTARAE/SALTAROS. Make notes into the Chapter outline for Book Three. Probably expand Chapter Five of SALTAROS with some food-porn and Chapter Sixteen for other reasons. (Correct any remaining typos on the way)

2. Format for paperback publication.

3. Upload paperback; slow read on editing copy; make final changes; publish paperback.

4. Arrange for "Novel Release Party" at local pub.

5. e-book formatting, first for Lulu, then for Am*azon.

6. Publish e-books.

7. Finish writing "SARÁYI: a Story of Ambition" Repeat above steps for that book. (This book is about 1/3 written.) Finish early 2018?

8. Write and serialize Book Three in Saltarae/Saltaros series. Work concurrently on "PYRKAGAE: the World in Flames" which will be the fifth and final book in the "13th Century Series" (That book has a partial chapter outline and I know the end.)

9. "A Separate Reality" and "Waiting for the Revolution" are projects that I will work on as time and inclination allow. I refuse to set a deadline on either one. Also occasional short stories. (I should decide what to do about that novella I wrote about Clementine and Eleanor and Nicholas. (If Tor fails to actually call for manuscripts, that is...))

10. GET OFF MY ASS and sell these damn books, cause they're good books and entertaining and more people ought to enjoy them and also think about the polemics that I hide in plain sight in every damn one of them...


Gotta go. See ya! 
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